We are here to help great projects take off and soar

About us

Lance Project Partners was founded in 2018 by two PhDs with decades of combined experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing.

Our objective is to assist entrepreneurs as partners to realize their projects by being there for them at a very early stage. We firmly believe we can add value through drawing on our business experience and our professional network, and standing ready to offer pre-seed capital.

With one partner residing in Monaco and the other in Luxembourg, we are able to draw on our extensive professional network to take advantage of the specialized investment know-how that these two unique locations offer.

Our approach

We see that many entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed and lost when they take their first steps towards realizing their dream. We are here to help when they need it most.

We do not focus exclusively on any industry. While we may not be specialists in the area of a given project, if one is needed to complete the team, we reach out through our networks and find someone to join as a team member or advisor. Drawing on our experience, we approach projects methodologically allowing quick testing of the concept and accelerating the project through its early stages. Hence the French word “Lance” meaning launch/throw in our name. All throughout this process, we act as partners of the entrepreneur team taking an equity stake through pre-seed investment in the project.

While we recognize that the needs of each project and team is different, our involvement in a typical projects includes, but possibly not limited to, the following main areas:

Finalization of the project Concept to maximize upside and sustainability;

Drawing up of long-term project roadmap;

Identification of core competencies required at major milestones;

Assistance in completing the team with members and/or advisors;

Providing pre-seed funding;

Monitor plan execution and provide timely feedback;

Provide coaching and mentoring to team members.

Our projects


An innovative proptech startup with the mission to bring peace of mind to home buyers and home owners. In the initial phase, the company offers two services in the German market:

(i) Smart Visit. A free to use fully digital interactive checklist, which helps home buyers make sure they check carefully the properties they visit during their search. The outcome is an easy to read, compare, and share digital interactive report for each property visited, which is stored for the user in the cloud.

(ii) Book an Expert: Users can book a Konkretly real estate expert to physically visit a property with them. The Expert then prepares a detailed report on the condition of the property. The report, fully digital and interactive, is sent to the users' free Konkretly cloud account within 48 hours after the visit.

Project “Health”

The project is focused on a concept related to a segment of the healthy food industry.

As the product the entrepreneur team is developing has not yet been introduced to the market, any information relating to the project is sensitive and therefore confidential. More details will be provided following market entry, which is targeted to "2022".